Participation in New Politics Project


An initiative promoted by the Transnational Institute (TNI)


The New Politics Platform has been conceived as a global and decentralised think tank on counter-hegemonic politics that will support the joint production of ideas to: (a) boost the development of desirable, viable and achievable alternatives aimed at transcending current oppressive and exploitative structures; (b) acknowledge the diversity of knowledge as a source of inspiration for the co-creation of alternatives; and (c) promote fruitful collaboration and exchanges among researchers and activists from different regions of the world.

Komvos supports the New Politics Project from the very beginning focusing on

-the articulation and dissemination of the Greek experience of political and social struggles during the period of crisis

-the formulation and expansion of the European Hub of the Project.

The platform is an open space composed of activists and researchers engaged in political parties, trade unions, social movements, universities, research centres and universities in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. The organisations that actively support the platform are the following: TNI, Institute for Political EcologyAlternative Information & Development Centre, Institute for Latin America and Caribbean Studies, The Havens Center, Attac France, Solon Foundation, Democracy Works.